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Home Hybrid Solar Cell

We are specializing in new energy equipment research and development, consulting, and wind-solar engineering applications. As an innovative technology company with a high quality, young, professional R&D and management team, we can provide you a complete product quality system and product development also testing standards.

Submersible Solar Cell Pump

This pump designed for the deep well, reservoir or tank. The electric energy from the solar panels is supplied to the pump throught the controller efficiently. There will always be the water while there is daylight. Used in the domestic supply, small irrigation, drip irrigation, animal husbandry, and koi pond circulation.

Parking System

We can provide you a solution at the city center where there’s no land to build the normal par- king system. ARP System; it’s flexible, easy to install, save energy, reliable and safe. In the area size of around 2 normal ground parking spaces, it could increase parking spaces by 4-10 times, save much land area.

Vehicle Battery Charging

A charging system that provides electrical energy for the radio, lights and other features of battery-powered vehicle. The modern charging systemconsists of the alternator, battery, wiring and electronic control unit (ECU).

Lift & Escalator

Since 2010, we have stood for innovative high quality, reliable and superior stairlift, escalator and elevator company. We offer maintenance, services, spare part supplies, also installation to customers around Indonesia. By using a model of the IT system, we use online sales throughout Indonesia (for lift spare parts).

Rust Resistance Chrome

An anti-corrosive base paint containing high-grade Zinc Chromate to coat iron and steel, especially for moderately heavy corrodes.

Street Lamp & CCTV 3 in 1

We present to you, the new technology to save the world. It creates a safe, orderly and smooth traffic condition with data recording. Multi-functional tool with one pole height of seven meters, can include street lights, CCTV and PTZ CAMERA that can be ZOOM. It is also equipped with solar and wind power plants.