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Expert in Stair Lift, Escalator, Elevator, Compact Parking System, Solar Cell, Submersible Pump, and Hybrid Energy

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About Us


Dear friends and partners, as we have entered our second decade of business presence in the various business supply industry, we feel the need to share what has helped us reach this point and we are bringing to you ahead. Through catering complete solutions to all our clients, now we have made the expansion to both the domestic and international stage. Therefore, in welcoming the new era, we are focused to create new series of products, targeting more expansion, and broadening our networks. The perspective of economic and business changes on a global level, gives us an additional motive to preserve the high level of efficiency when it comes to our clients’ needs, by providing high-end products and services. This is what brought us to the present level, and this is how we intend to continue.


Since 2010, PT KIM GROUP INDONESIA as holding company has stood for innovative high quality, reliable at superior product stairlift, elevetor and escalator, and maintenance as part of long-term services, and also selling spare parts also installation department to customers around Indonesia. Establishing dynamic and flexible company focused on these key points, KGI continues to operate as an integrated stairlift, elevator and escalator offering high performance, proven reliability and maximum return on investments for the customers.

Ir. Anthony Tjhai Moekri (Kim), SH, STh, BBA, MBA
CEO & Founder of Kim Group Indonesia

Aim High With Us

With years of experience, we are confident to be at your service. With the combination of good management, skillful, passionate and agile work culture, we'll have a pleasant journey in achieving goals together while expanding new businesses of fast-changing era in global stage.

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What We Offer

Our Services

Oil and Gas Turbine

Providing you Turbocharger Spareparts, Turbocharger Remoulding, Plan Bearing, Connecting-Rod, Valve and Pump, Cam and Camshaft, Fuel Injection, Nozzle Assembly, and Hydraulic and Electronic Governor.

Home Hybrid Solar Cell

Home Hybrid Solar Cell is the solution for alternative sustainable energy. Suitable for household looking the best way to perserving energy and economic option, and/or for energy supply in remote areas without energy power plant.

Submersible Solar Cell Pump

Understanding the needs of water supply in some dry areas, it is highly possible to change such condition through well-planned strategy using Submersible Solar Cell Pump. This system can be used in the domestic supply, small irrigation, drip irrigation, animal husbandry, and koi pond circulation.

Parking System

ARP (Automated Robotic Parking), your solution more car parking slots in property with limited space. Not only created to save more spaces, ARP system is a well-designed car parking that considers convenience with excellent material that creates less noise, energy saving concept (ventilation and natural light sources), applicable indoor or outdoor for any kind of proposes of your land, and supported with safety devices which could detect the car sizes to fit in.

Vehicle Battery Charging

In welcoming the era for alternative-powered vehicles for creating more healthy environment using battery powered energy, we are ready to support the infrastructure with our Vehicle Battery Charging System, from designing to implementation. In welcoming the era for alternative-powered vehicles for creating more healthy environment using battery powered energy, we are ready to support the infrastructure with our Vehicle Battery Charging System, from designing to implementation.

Lift & Escalator

Bringing you the era of 4.0 in elevator and escalator industry, Deao-KIm Elevator. Transforming these innovations into a walk-through experiences that cater functional expectation and interior support with the upgraded aspect of machinery, intelligence and IoT (Internet of Things), also combined with excellent core parts.

Rust Resistance Chrome

An anti-corrosive base paint containing high-grade Zinc Chromate to coat iron and steel, especially for moderately heavy corrodes.

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We strive to give the best

Customer Service

Company Expertise
Kim Group Indonesia Stairlift, Elevator & Escalator Company Solutions

From 1993 – 1998, Kim Group Indonesia CEO has been involved in the Stairlift, Escalator, and Elevator industry as beloved project and marketing manager in Gold Start Elevator. He had long extensive experience in the elevator and escalator industry.

Service Line Expertise
Kim Group Indonesia Service Line Consulting
  • Maintenance for our owned brand
  • Maintenance for other brand using original parts
  • IT System maintenance, we solve the challenge faced by our client with seamless and end to end services
Global and Regional Expertise
Kim group Indonesia Global and Regional Service

We have partners in 34 provinces in Indonesia, and our goal are to provide our services and spare parts component from original brand with reasonable price (cheaper than principal price) by using innovative business model and technology.

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    We have extensive experience in our services, and we provide end-to-end services starting from choosing the best system for your needs, installation, maintenance, spare-parts, and improvement to your system.

    To provide the best services, we try our best to focus on our existing services lines as they are our expertise. However, we always open our mind to new things, especially those related with engineering and technology, so we are happy to discuss about your ideas.

    Yes, and some of our services are focused on home scale system. We handle from small to large scale system installation.

    You can contact us through the contact information in the website or by filling the inquiry form.

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